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Famous people born in Uruguay


Uruguay is squeezed between Brazil and Argentina, and it has almost four million inhabitants, nearly half of whom are living in the capital Montevideo. It’s a small country with a diverse landscape and a melting pot of cultures and styles. The official language is Spanish, and the country has a rich history filled with great personalities.

Since not many people know about Uruguay, I’ve decided to talk about some of the famous people that come from this Latin underdog. It might be small, but the people on this list are anything but. I’ve tried to pick one from each social category to emphasize the diversity of the land.

One of the most beloved and popular persons to have ever come from Uruguay is Luiz Suárez. He is a footballer who plays for the British team Liverpool, but also for Uruguay’s national team. He reached fame at the young age of nineteen, and he was awarded the title Player of the Year two years in a row.

He is one of the best-paid players in the world, his transfer to Liverpool costing more than 26 million dollars. On the 26th of October 2013, Suarez scored his fourth Premiership hat-trick for the British team, making him the most frequent scorer of hat-tricks in history.

Edinson Cavani is another footballer with origins in Uruguay. He plays for the Paris Saint-Germain team, and just like Suárez, he is also part of the national team. He is mostly known for the fact that he scores impressive goals, both aesthetically and from a technical point of view.

The guy was even was listed in The Guardian’s list of the 100 best footballers in the world at number ten, which is something that is only achieved through hard work and dedication. He scored hundreds of goals, received many awards, and he never allowed fame to ruin him, as he is praised for his charity work.

Next on the list is a novelist. Mario Benedetti was an Uruguayan who dedicated his life to the art of writing. A poet, novelist, and journalist, he didn’t shy away from controversy, as he is known for criticizing his government for their shady practices.

He was a member of the Generación del 45, and he published more than eighty books, but despite this, he is still unknown to the English speaking world. Nevertheless, he is considered one of the most prominent and vital writers in Latin America and all the other Hispanic countries.

And to close this article, I chose one of my favorite football players – Diego Lugano. He plays for the West Bromwich Albion team and is famous for his mindblowing scores and flamboyant style. As expected, he is part of the Uruguayan national team, where he acts as a central defender, but also as its captain.

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Interesting things you should know about Jose Mujica


There are many things that can be said about politicians, but not that they live a humble life. Most of them make fortunes in their states and, due to their constant hunger for money and power, often enough forget the reason why they were elected in the first place – to make laws in the favor of the citizens, and not in the favor of the political class.

Of course, there are some notable exceptions that seem to be born once every few decades. Unfortunately, the world is in desperate need of good politicians who won’t trade their souls and convictions for gold and who can finally make a real change in the countries in which they were elected. One of these politicians is Uruguay’s former president, Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano.


“The poorest president in the world’

Mujica comes from a simple family and he was always interested in pursuing a simple life. He married his long-term partner, Lucia Topolansky, back in 2005 and ever since then he lived on a small farm outside Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo.

He was the president of Uruguay from 2010 until 2015 and gained the nickname of the poorest president in the world because he chose to donate around 90% of his salary as a president to charities and small entrepreneurs.


A simple life

There are many interesting facts about Uruguay’s former president, including that he always chose to live a simple life. His father was a farmer and he learned from him the joys of this trade since a young age. Perhaps this is also why he later became a Minister of Agriculture.

He is probably one of the few politicians who doesn’t display a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. On the contrary, he lives on a small farm property of his wife’s parents and he lives his existence by cultivating and selling chrysanthemums.

Back in his presidential days he refused to live in the opulent presidential palace and preferred to keep his humble lifestyle. He drives the same car since 1987, a Volkswagen Beetle, and claims he wouldn’t change it for the world. He is also an atheist and a convinced vegetarian.


Controversial laws

In his presidential mandate, he was the author of many controversial laws that eventually brought Uruguay amongst the most progressive countries in the world, unlike its other Latin-American neighbors.

He decided to adopt the abortion law back in 2012 which states that abortion is legal on request for women who are in their early stages of pregnancy, until 12 weeks, after a five-day reflection.

Jose Mujica was also the one to adopt the legalization of same-sex marriages back in 2013 as well as a law regarding the legal growth and selling of marijuana to put an end to drug trafficking.


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Is a chameleon the right pet for you?


Owning a pet is a great responsibility and a great way to teach your kids how to act responsibly from a young age. However, depending on your kids’ age and your spare time, you should know that there are certain animals that might work better as pets than others.

As a general rule, all pets require plenty of your time and affection so never adopt a pet unless you can be fully responsible for it. Apart from a nutritious diet and fresh water supplies, all pets need constant pampering and a safe and clean environment to live.

Dogs and cats are extremely affectionate but they also need constant visits to the vet and plenty of love. Some rodents such as bunnies and chinchillas are extremely affectionate and sociable but might not be good for kids because they are mainly active during the night.

Finally, if you’re looking to adopt a more exotic pet such as a chameleon, you should know everything about them before making your decision. If you plan on bringing home a pet chameleon, here is everything you need to know about looking after them.



Chameleons are exotic reptiles that don’t like surprises or changes too much. They are easily stressed and this is why they require a safe environment all the time.

Chameleons are not very affectionate either, especially around other animals. In fact, they might easily get scared so don’t force them to interact with other pets, especially large ones such as cats or dogs. Also, they don’t like to be held so, unless your chameleon trusts you completely, avoid touching them or petting them too often.

The right type of environment

Chameleons differ greatly in longevity, size, and color. The smallest species are around two inches long while the largest ones can achieve around thirty inches in length. Therefore, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the size of your chameleon during adulthood.

This will determine you to choose the right type and size of the cage so that your pet has enough spare space to move, eat, breathe, and live. If you’re not sure which type of cage is the perfect one for your chameleon, perhaps this review will clear the waters for you.

Keeping a constant temperature and humidity is also another way to ensure your pet chameleon lives in a welcoming environment. The first step is to buy a thermometer and place it inside the cage. A heating lamp should always be present at the top of the terrarium too.

Chameleons like a warm and humid environment, so you should set the lamp at around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit but cool it down a few degrees during the night.

Would a chameleon be the right pet for you?

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