3 healthy salads you should check out


Every person in this world appreciates a healthy salad from time to time. Indeed, we like to eat all sorts of sophisticated recipes. However, when you come home from work and you don’t have time to make a fancy dinner, a salad should do the trick. Plus, you can use almost anything you have in the fridge and it takes less time to prepare it because you don’t have to cook for hours.

If you’re out of ideas for your lunch or dinner, you can check out the following paragraphs. There are some healthy recipes that require only a few common ingredients.


  1. Rye berry salad with smoked trout

We all crave for delicious nutrients and this easy breezy recipe is exactly what you need to savor, no matter the season. It has only 215 calories per servings and it gives you a nutrition bonus of Vitamin C that helps your cells fight the anti-aging process.

Typically, rye berries are milled into flour during the process of making bread. Because they have a unique taste, they go well with this whole-grain salad that features a seed vinaigrette. If you like, you can add some roasted chicken and an arugula salad to complete the meal.

In order to do this salad, you need 3 cups of water and some rye berries, cider vinegar, caraway seeds, and one teaspoon of honey. For seasoning, you’ll need whole-grain mustard, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Don’t forget about the slivered red cabbage and smoked trout, for the flavor. Once the rye berries are boiled, combine the vinegar, honey, mustard, and other spices in a large bowl. Then, add the drained rye berries and cabbage. You can sprinkle some walnuts on top.


  1. Sweetcorn salsa

For those of you that don’t eat meat or you’re gluten intolerant, you could try this vegetarian salad made with fresh corn and jalapeno peppers. The coriander, feta, and lime are the bonus part because they create a complete meal that nourishes your body to the fullest.

All you need is 4 fresh corn cobs, 2 chopped tomatoes, a small chopped onion, some red pepper, one avocado and the jalapeno pepper for extra spice. Just make sure you deseeded and chopped it finely before preparing the salad. A handful of coriander should be more than enough along with the juice of 3 limes. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, you can put a little bit of feta cheese to create a better texture.


  1. Fruit quinoa salad

If you’re craving for something sweet, you must give this salad a go. Boil and simmer some quinoa until it gets tender and soft. Once you drain the excess water, add the peaches, the chopped hazelnuts, and the mint. Whisk together the olive oil and the lemon juice. Pour the seasoning over the salad and mix.


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